L'Arc~en~Ciel - SHIBUYA SEVEN DAYS [edited]

WARNING: The whole rip is pretty big..okay, it's really big..big enough I hope ^^

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Here are the next rips from me..

All are uploaded on beep me if you need any of them on another server..would be much appreciated if you would state which server you prefer..

A/N: Everything is in plain ol’ Japanese, including the extra materials..


01. Fare Well

02. Caress of Venus

03. Heaven's Drive

04. Behind the Scenes 01

05. flower

06. get out from the shell

07. Behind the Scenes 02

08. Lies and Truth

09. Highlights 01 [ken]

10. Diver's High

11. Blurry Eyes + Highlights 02 [tetsu]


13. Behind the Scenes 03

They're the same actually..just that I accidentally uploaded the same file twice ^^" so take your pick..

14. Niji [1]
14. Niji [2]

15. trick


17. Highlights 03 [hyde]

18. anata

Closing of SHIBUYA SEVEN DAYS without Audio could be because of the SHASEI moment ^^

[edit] Closing of SHIBUYA SEVEN DAYS with Audio
THANK YOU SO MUCH bohemianbeauty <333

All 1.844 Gigs for your enjoyment ^^

p/s: SHASEI = ejaculate..LOL..*loves BB*

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L'Arc~en~Ciel - ASIALIVE 2005 DVD [edited]

Okay, the rips were done a week ago but because the uploadings were too slow, I had to span them through a couple of days.

The rips are only of Disc 1, where they performed at Tokyo Dome. I might (just a smite might..) rip Disc 2 as well but I'm not sure yet koz there are more un-subbed (un-subtitled) interviews than performances.

Anyway, here are the rips. Program used was Magic DVD Ripper
Thank you forgottendiary ^^
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