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just wanna say that =D

life is okay. plan as much and work as hard to make the plans be but life has a way with curve balls. I no longer take much heart with that. after all, I'm not the only one being handed disappointments.

something I learnt in Organisational Behaviour (OB) class: we are still developing in mind and heart, and the completion is only when we've reached the 30s. I think the foundation is more or less there but everything stabilises much later. it makes me wonder if that is why there's the saying that life begins after 40.

the stuff I learn in OB, it's interesting how I've always been aware of my traits and the lessons sort of confirm or what's-the-opposite? them. the lessons have also piqued me to be more observant of others. people-watching has never been more insightful.

with the advancement of technology, mankind is beginning to take itself for granted. I'm not saying that technology is bad but it will be if we do not start to self-care. everything has a pro and con, and I believe that no matter how bad the day progresses, there is always at least one thing that we are grateful for. I know I do.

3 things I am grateful for today:

1. twitter-chat with Samantha, my bff
2. being engaged in OB class
3. my ever-supportive bff

what are you grateful for today?
Tags: 3 things i am grateful for today, =)
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